The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations provides document authentication services to exporters and importers by duly verifying the authenticity and legality of signatories from Ethiopian side with the written permission of the contracting parties. Some of documents authenticated by the chamber are:

- Shipment documents

- Freight documents

- Upon request documents produced by other government authorities (Ministry of Agriculture/Health etc.)

- Health certificate

- Food & Medicine Certificate

- Other documents as per the request by the importer (if it is appropriate)

Trade agreement documents between importers and exporters are also authenticated in the chamber.

In order to receive the services, customers should fulfill the following:

1.      Renewed membership ID

2.     Original & copy of the documents to be certified

3.     Renewed export or import license

4.     Letter of request from the party (country) to which the verification required

5.     With the presence of both parties, witness the signature process

6.     Service fee, for members birr 250 for non members birr 400.00

Before starting the above captioned process please read (Brochure.pdf, Amharic)