Launch Event

Launch Event

Launch Event

Launch Event

Textile Cluster Meeting

Leather Cluster Meeting

Sustainable Wool Handicraft Design Training in Lalibela

Sophisticated Crafts Cluster Meeting, April 2, 2019

Cluster meeting

Textile Cluster Meeting, April 4, 2019.

Vegetable Tanned Leather Purchase Cluster Initiative Meeting, April 3 2019.

GEM Project Clusters Group Meetings held, June 25 - 27, 2019.

SWITCH Africa Green Launches Ethiopia Programme, August 28 & 29, 2019

GEM Technical Team Held Meeting to Review Project Performance

1st Lalibela Arts and Crafts Festival was organized

GEL (Green Ethiopian Leather) brand at 11th AALF

Capacity building training on SCP Practice & Patters Conducted

Study Visit of Gem Cluster Members to Italy 22-26 January 2020


The Greening of Ethiopian Manufacturing(GEM) Project is envisioning major opportunities for Ethiopian manufacturing industries in the ‘green market segment’ to inherit a chunk of the light manufacturing industries currently fleeing rising costs in china.  This applies to natural fiber cotton, wool, silk manufacturing, man made fiber manufacturing and garment manufacturing industries, leather industries, organic food, handicrafts etc. Learn More

News and Events

Several GEM cluster meetings took place last week (March 11, 2020)

Several GEM cluster meetings took place last week. GEM team also facilitated online B2B meetings between Ethiopian and Slovenian businesses and meetings for EU ROM Expert. Within dissemination and replication activities, we met with Ethiopian State Minister of Agricultural Input and Output Marketing Sector and with the management team of Holeta Bee Research Center.

In Lalibela, meetings were held with the Mayor of Lalibela and Lalibela Tourism Office about the organization of the second Lalibela Arts and Crafts Festival.

Mar 11, 2020

GEM Arranges Study Visit to Italy for GEM Cluster Members

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) arranges study visit for GEM Cluster Members to Italy 22-26 January 2020, through European Union supports aiming MSMEs in adoption of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices and seizing green growth opportunities, Implemented by Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), Precise Consult,  and INOA in Ethiopia.

The study visit program was designed to fulfill the following key objectives

  • to learn about international trends in sustainable fashion, textile and leather manufacturing;
  • to meet with leather, textile (garment) and heritage clusters’ representatives in Italy and exchange experience in doing business;
  • to learn about successful SME support and competitiveness enhancement;
  • to learn about management of cluster organizations, challenges and advantages successful clustering

Seventeen cluster members and GEM staff has attended the study visit. From the seventeen cluster members eight of them are female and the rest are male.  Participants’ sector distribution is ten from leather, six from textile and one from handicraft.

In the event the enterprise owners, managers and representatives visited six companies:

  • Bonelli Erede Law firm, Milan;
  • Prodital Leathers, Arzignano;
  • Venetian Cluster for Conservation and Protection of Environmental and Cultural Heritage assets;
  • Showroom of Mr. Franco Pianegonda, Vicenza;
  • Technology Park of Pordenone and
  • Green Fashion Week (GFW) organizers

Feb 7, 2020

Capacity building training on SCP Practice & Patters Conducted

GEM Project Capacity building training on SCP Practice & Patters conducted at Ras Hotel, Addis Ababa, from December 2 – 21, 2019. The training is part of a project of Green Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM), funded by EU, implemented by ECCSA, Precise and Inoa. The training course outline are:

Module I: Basic Introduction to sustainable consumption and production & green Economy:

  • Basic Concept of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) & Green Economy
  • Practical Tools for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) & Green Economy
  • Work ethics & Motivation related to sustainability & international Market.

Module Two: Sustainable value chain and international marketing

Module Three:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Green industry
  • Waste management
  • Product development and quality management

Jan 2, 2020

The newly formulated Green Ethiopian Leather (GEL) brand has promoted its products at AALF

Green, chrome-free Ethiopian leather products are successfully presented at All African Leather Fair (AALF) on 9-12 November 2019, one of the world's biggest and most important international events dedicated to leather.

Seven entrepreneurs within GEM leather cluster have jointly created the GEL (Green Ethiopian Leather) brand name to promote Ethiopian sustainable leather products.

All-African Leather Fair (AALF) is Africa´s biggest and most important international exhibition & conference dedicated to leather, accessories, components, synthetics and models for footwear, leather goods, automotive and furniture. Launched in 2008, it has become the most qualified international exhibition in Africa.

Nov 15, 2019

1st Lalibela Arts & Crafts Festival was organized, October 26 – 27, 2019

Greening Ethiopia Manufacturing (GEM) project has organized the 1st Lalibela Arts and Crafts Festival to promote authentic & sustainable handicrafts made by local artisans in Lalibela, Amhara Region, from October 26 - 27, 2019.

Over 30 artisans from Lalibela has exhibited their products, including paintings, leather products, pottery, textile products, made from cotton and wool, Beeswax, jewellery and other. Students from Lalibela Preparatory School have their stand.

The festival is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Ethiopian Chamber and Commerce, Precise Consult International and INOA.

Oct 30, 2019

Art and handicraft festival going to be held in Lalibela (Capital Newspaper)

Capital Newspaper (By  Staff Reporter)

The festival will be held on October 26 and 27 and will feature more than 20 artisans exhibiting diversified portfolios of products ranging from paintings to leather products, and from pottery to jewelry and from textile to beeswax handcrafts.

Lalibela Arts and Handicraft Festival, which is going to be hosted at Geterge Road, is an initiative of a project, “Greening Ethiopia Manufacturing”, financed by European Union and implemented by a collaborative collation Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectorial Association (ECCSA) of Precise Consult International (PCI), and INOA, a Slovenian company.

Beyond its well-known tourist sites, Lalibela hosts a very old tradition and culture of producing artifacts and handicraft products. As such, the Festival will promote authentic and sustainable handicrafts made by local artisans and to enrich the offerings of the town for international and local tourists.

Lalibela Art and Handicraft Festival is supported by the Lalibela Tourism Office. Opening on October 26, 2019, the Festival will see delegation from the Lalibela city Mayor and the Lalibela Handicraft Cluster members.

Oct 26, 2019


To conduct assessment of most promising green growth manufacturing industries in Ethiopia

Learn More

To launch 3 pilot green manufacturing clustersand develop their action plans

Learn More

To implement actions for green- growth reorientation of MSME’s within pilot clusters, build their capacity on SCP practices and contribute to their increased sales and job creation

Learn More

To facilitate SCP practice-based collaboration among key stakeholders with in each cluster’s value chain and disseminate lessons learned.

Learn More

Overview of Switch Africa Project

The overall objective of SWITCH Africa Green is to support 6 countries in Africa to achieve sustainable development by engaging in transition towards an inclusive green economy, based on sustainable consumption and production patterns, while generating growth, creating decent jobs and reducing poverty. The objective will be achieved through support to private sector led inclusive green growth.

Learn More

GEM Priority Sectors

Fiber Cotton, Wool, Silk, Garment Manufacturing Industries

Leather Industries

Handy craft Industries

GEM Good Practice Series

GEM Good Practice Series-Hoppe Shoppe

Hoppe Shoppe is a curated shopping experience for thoughtful home decor and the stories they tell. A mix of vintage wares, well-designed pieces, and one of a kind objects, each collection is released with accompanying photo journals and ingredient lists that connect visual stories to style pairings. Combining inspiration and sourcing, Hoppe Shoppe focuses on ethically and sustainably produced items from independent artisans around the world...

Oct 8, 2019

GEM Good Practice Series-Replacing synthetic fabrics with natural ones

Why Are Synthetic Fabrics So Popular—And What Can We Do To Move Away From Them?

Plastic-based materials are finding their way into oceans and waterways. Whenever we wash synthetic fabrics, they shed hundreds of thousands of micro-plastics that make it past the washing machine’s filtration system. These fibers account for an estimated 60% of the material in our clothes worldwide...…/synthetic-fabric-plastic-pol…

Oct 8, 2019

GEM Project Supports Vibrant Arts & Crafts Community in Lalibela

Lalibela Arts and Crafts Festival has been initiated by the Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project, funded by the European Union.

It is expected that altogether 19 artisans from Lalibela will exhibit their products, including paintings, leather products, pottery, textile products, made from cotton and wool, jewellery and other.

Oct 8, 2019

GEM Good-Example: Liya Kebede’s brand Lemlem offers Ethiopian craftsmanship

Great example! Liya Kebede’s brand Lemlem offers Ethiopian craftsmanship that sells. The #supermodel implemented a sustainable approach while sponsoring her foundation for African women…

Jul 3, 2019

GEM Good Practice Series: Salt + Still

“We want people to be thoughtful about what they purchase so they’ll love it for a long time.”

“The name Salt + Still is a tribute to water, an ingredient that is elemental to the natural dye process. Inspiration is drawn from the mountains, the sea, traditions both old and new, and the love of natural magic. “

Jul 2, 2019

GEM Good Practice Series: How holistic is the commitment of major fashion brands to SUSTAINABILITY?

Patagonia is way ahead of the pack in terms of sustainability, but it offers a model to help consumers judge whether other brands are making a holistic effort to be sustainable, or just offering one or two sustainable products.…/is-your-favorite-fashion-bran…

Jun 10, 2019

GEM Good Practice Series: SOKO from Kenya is a B-Corp Certified company, following these principles

SOKO from Kenya is a B-Corp Certified company, following these principles:  Social Impact - Artisans earn 5x's more than an average workshop. Tech Innovation - Technology that connects 2,300+ artisans to global consumers. Heritage Techniques - Premium quality goods handcrafted by skilled artisans in Kenya. Ethical Materials - Reclaimed, recycled and locally sourced for quality and sustainability.

Jun 10, 2019

GEM Good Practice Series: Ethiopian high-end fashion designers

GEM Good Practice Series: Ethiopian high-end fashion designers, participating in our project, are ambassadors of sustainable fashion. They all raise awareness of local community heritage, nature and natural materials.

Yefikir Design Paradise Fashion MAFI MAFI…/10-top-fashion-designers-to-k…/

May 20, 2019