Business Development Publications For Sale

  1. How to prepare business plan (English/Amharic)
  2. How to start and improve your business (English/Amharic)
  3. Taxation in Ethiopia (English/Amharic)
  4. Financing business in Ethiopia (English/Amharic)
  5. How to calculate and record cost (English/Amharic)
  6. Marketing strategy (English/Amharic)
  7. Book Keeping (English/Amharic)
  8. Investment Guide To Ethiopia (English/Amharic)
  9. Ethiopian Technical & Vocational Education & Training Directory (TVET ) 2010/11
  10. Export Guide 2011/12
  11. Ethiopian Business Directory 2nd Edition 2015-16
  12. Ethiopian Code of Business Ethics (English/Amharic)


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