ITC provides technical & capacity building support to strengthen the institutional role of ECCSA in providing relevant services in the context of WTO accession, as well as to target the members of ECCSA directly, through improved service delivery on advocacy and trade information.

The areas of cooperation between ITC and ECCSA are as follows:

1. A functioning Private Sector Reference Centre managed by ECCSA staff, serving the business community with relevant services in the process towards   WTO accession of Ethiopia;


  • Functioning Private Sector Reference Centre through improved set-up and positioning of Centre for efficient client-use;
  • Strengthening of ECCSA trade information services;

2. A formal or informal mechanism for regular public-private dialogue established, focusing on WTO accession related issues.

  •  Developing ECCSA business advocacy services;

UNDP supports the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association under the program “Enhanced Economic Growth project”.  The program has an overall objective of enhancing economic growth and reduces poverty in Ethiopia.  In particular the program is to support the government in the following areas:

      I.        strengthening knowledge and devising strategy for development and utilization of economic growth corridors; 

      II.       enhancing the public and private partnership and promotion of the private sector;

      III.      trade capacity development; and

      IV.      Promotion of agro-industries.

Therefore, ECCSA benefits from the program in order to fulfill the objective of enhancing the public and private partnership and promotion of the private sector.