In January of 2003 Ethiopia officially applied for membership into the World Trade Organization (WTO).  In doing so, the country set in motion a process to become part of the world’s only body to deal with trade between nations.   By February of 2003 the committee responsible for reviewing Ethiopia’s application was set up, and by July of the same year efforts were made, through the “Integrated Framework” [link to IF site] to increase the capacity of the country in integrating trade into it’s national development agenda.  Since then, a major review of the country’s economy was undertaken (The Diagnostic Trade Integration Study lead by the World Bank), which prioritized action necessary for the growth of the economy to internationally competitive levels.

Since applying to become a member of the WTO in January of 2003, Ethiopia has made many efforts to prepare for the accession and the inevitable challenges that will follow.  The WTO Secretariat has assisted the country with multiple trainings on topics essential to the country’s smooth accession.  Likewise, various government Ministries, donors and civil society groups have each made contributions in the form of legal and regulatory compliance analysis, regional stakeholder workshops and the funding of studies.  The activities are expected to continue until the date of accession and beyond.

Link to Ethiopia's WTO Accession page in WTO web-portal

Links to Ethiopia ministries and agencies who regulate trade

ECCSA Resource & WTO Reference

The WTO Reference Center is established on the 7th floor of the Ethiopian chamber of Commerce & Sectorial Associations building, aiming to serve as a source of information for the private sector, trade promotion institutions and researchers. The center is currently being equipped with WTO related electronic training materials, publications, books and other relevant resources.