The late 1960s and early mid 1970s (G.C.) were the golden days for the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has accomplished notable tasks during those years in terms of strengthening the capacity of the private sector and promoting trade and investment in the country.

  • There are several evidences that show the strength of the National Chamber during those years.
  • The construction of the seven stories building in one of the most prestigious parts of the city to serve as its Head Quarters of the Chamber also worth mentioning.

The Trade Directories and Trade Bulletins published by the Ethiopian Chamber are living evidences for the level of the standards of the Chamber and its endeavors to promote trade and investment and create conducive business climate in the country.  Among the first publications of ECCSA are:



Encouraging achievements have been witnessed since the last few years such as the return of the confiscated building and the exemplary role played by the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations in establishing the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) and convincing member Chambers to decide the seat of the continental private sector organization to be in Addis Ababa.