Business Development Service Publications Recording & Distribution Tracking System

Currently there are different kinds of publications (Marketing Strategies, Accounting & Cost Calculation Manual, How to write a business plan, Trade Fair & Export Guide, Investment Guide for Ethiopia, Tax in Ethiopia, Bookkeeping, Loan Conditions of Commercial Banks & Micro Finance Institutions, Standards and Quality in Ethiopia, Ethiopian TVET Directory...) in the stock of ECCSA-HWK Partnership project PR and Marketing office. Within the next few months those publications will be updated and additional publications will be produced. Those publications will be distributed in the regions through Chambers, through bookstores, trainings and events. The selling price of each publication might differ regarding selling place, buyers and demand. Commissions will be considered for the sales persons, bookstores and Chambers.

The BDS Tracking System is capable of collecting publication price, publication types, publication cost, distributor names, location, etc. and storing it into a central database. The Front-end of the BDS Tracking System, allows regional users (distributors) to enter information regarding publications from their own locations. The BDS Tracking System will also be able to generate up to date reports as requested by The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations

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For more information of system please contact:
Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
Plan, Project & Business Development Department
Mexico Square, ECCSA Building 1stFloor, Room No. 18
Tel: 251-11 551 82 40, Fax: 251- 11-5517699

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