The General Assembly elects a board of directors comprising of 11 persons that directs Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (ECCSA) every two years.

The Board has the following powers and duties:

  1. to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly;
  2. to employ and dismiss the Secretary General;
  3. to decide on the employment and dismissal of the heads of departments and services of the Chamber, submitted to it by the Secretary General;
  4. to call through the president extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly as it deems necessary or when one third of the members of the General Assembly demand;
  5. to submit annual budget and work program of the Chamber to the General Assembly;
  6. to decide on matters submitted to it by the Secretary General;
  7. to establish different committees to assist the Board in carrying out its duties;
  8. to perform such other duties as are necessary


The Board of Directors

Engineer Melaku Ezezew (President)
Mobile: 0918774646

Mr. Aseffa Gebre Sillasie (V. President)
Mobile: 0914301197 or 0911760512

Mrs. Temniet Selomon Haileselassie (Member)
Mobile: 0918003094

Dr. Aynalem Abayneh (Member)
Mobile: 0911256488

Mr. Abebayehu Girma (Member)
Mobile: 0912672967


Mr. Ashenafi Feleke (Member)
Mobile: 0911396312

Mr. Teshale Fisaheyon (Member)
Mobile: 0914706969 or 0914753588

Mr. Taddesse Genna (Member)
Mobile: 0911208915

Dr. Hassen Abdulahi Bade (Member)
Mobile: 0946430519

Mr. Engida Beyene (Member)
Mobile: 0916851621