GEM Project arranged a one day capacity building training

On 11th of August 2021 GEM arranged a one day capacity building training on Product development, marketing and financial management for Adama SMEs at Adama hotel.

The following topics were covered in the training

  • What are the main challenges of SMEs? Why SMEs fail?
  • How we enhance SMEs life in the market?
  • What is product development in accordance with circular economy and when and how products should be developed?
  • What is marketing and the role of social media like (Facebook and telegram) in product promotion and sales
  • What is the critical challenge in financial management? And how SMEs should record their accounts

The capacity building session was full of practical group assignments. Thirty five SMEs participated and the training supported by PPT presentation and video lessons from other country experiences.

The capacity building was conducted with full support in selection and inviting SMEs by Adama City Administration industries and enterprises development office.