GEM Project had organized GEM project dissemination and replication workshop

On 10th of August 2021 Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) Project had organized GEM project dissemination and replication workshop in Adama canopy hotel with an attendance of 35 SMEs, 5 media outlets and 3 Adama City Administration Industries and Enterprises Development Office official and representatives.

The objective of the workshop was

  • To develop and present tools for effective SCP knowledge and experience transfer to other sectoral and regional contexts,
  • To provide sustainable support on SCP practices for MSMEs in Ethiopia beyond the duration of the project.

The workshop was opened with keynote speech by Mr Abu Aman, Deputy Head for the city industries and enterprises office and Mr Yesuf Ademnur, secretary general of ECCSA.

Mr Abu in his remark highlighted the importance of SCP principles adaptation in the manufacturing sector which is the emphasis of his bureau and appreciated the GEM initiation to replicate what it achieved in the last three years. He promised to work with ECCSA and the city Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations on what GEM recommends to be replicate in Adama.

Mr Yesuf, cover points from how the project designed to what has been achieved. During his remark he repeatedly acknowledges the contribution of EU in supporting the project financial and invites the EUD to continue its support for GEM to extend its impact in all parts of Ethiopia.

The project coordinator, Mr Heyeru Hussien presented to participants about GEM project, what GEM achieved, what good lessons Adama SMEs should learn from GEM cluster members, and list of regions with their potential for replication and selected sector.

Participants requested GEM to arrange one workshop which facilitates direct discussion with GEM cluster members and a capacity building to adapt GEM initiatives.