GEM Project Clusters Group Meetings held

Leather, Textile and Sophisticated Handcrafts clusters meetings organized by Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project was held on June 25 – 27, 2019 at Best Western Hotel.

The agenda of meetings were introductions and overview of the role of experts groups from Economic Transformation Group (ETG), The Fraunhofer Society and Audacia Consulting PLC; training needs assessment and proposed next steps, status of action initiatives and generation of new initiatives; and conclusions & next steps.

ETG expert Dr. Eric Rolf Hansen presented short overview of Cluster Initiatives Implemented by ETG and the main actors of green cluster and advantages green cluster such as better offer to the market and more competitive in global markets. Moreover, steps in supporting clusters to grow were introduced to the 3 cluster members.

Furthermore a detailed discussion was held on the list of trainings identified by needs assessment process and some additional training was proposed by the participants.

Subsequently the experts facilitated group discussions of the cluster members to review their previously identified challenges and encouraged them to propose new initiatives. Finally each group of clusters presented their initiative ideas’ actions plan and implementation follow-up meetings dates were fixed.


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