The ECCSA issues certificates of origin for Ethiopian products destined for various export markets in the world. This is a mandatory document that has to accompany Ethiopian goods on transit to any country in the world.  There are two types of certificates of origin:

  1. Ordinary and specialized certificate of origin is a document used in international trade to justify to the importer that the goods are of Ethiopian origin.
  2. COMESA (Common market for Eastern and Southern Africa) rules of origin specify that products are eligible for tariff reduction/elimination within COMESA if they satisfy certain relevant criteria in member countries.

These two certificates are issued by the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations or sometimes by city chamber of commerce and sectoral associations when delegated by the National chamber.  The certification of origin is/will be acceptable by relevant authorities if and only if signed and sealed by a representative from the Ethiopian chamber of commerce and sectoral associations.



The requirements for the issuance of the ordinary and COMESA certificate of origin are the same:

  •  Submit all documents that justify the genuineness of the product and its origin in Ethiopian.
  • Buy the certificate of origin (CO) from the chamber
  • Fill the necessary information on the CO completely & accurately
  • Fully describe the full address of the exporter
  • Fully describe the full address of the importer
  • Clear indication of the port of shipment and destination
  • Fully describe the kg (weight) of the goods
  • Duly signed  and seal of the exporter of the goods
  • If auxiliary documents like packing list and commercial invoice supposed to be certified, the exporter should present the documents with a blank space on it to write the following descriptions

Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations

Certificate of origin No.-----------------

Signature of the official

Secretary Genera

Where to buy the ordinary and COMESA certificates of origin?


Ordinary certificate of origin and  COMESA certificate could be found in the 1st  floor room no __16_____

2.         Complete all the required fields in the certificate, sing and stamp your company seal

3.         The certificate will be signed by the concerned authorized staffs of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association in the ground floor in room No __005___

4.         Get stamped the certificate at room no__005__

5.         Return the red copy to room no  005__


Price of certificates of origin

o    Ordinary certificate of origin birr 80

o    COMESA certificate birr 60


For further information download Brochure.pdf, Amharic Version or visit:

Export & Import Directorate

Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations

Mexico Square, ECCSA Building, Ground Room No. 005

Tel: +251-115-522-083

Fax: +251-115-517-699


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