The increasingly complex business and social environment requires a comprehensive support to ensure the most favorable climate for the continued viable existence of individual businesses in a system of free enterprise. At the same time, the chamber movement facilitates adjustment by business to those realities that cannot be altered.

Involvement in the chamber movement bears abundant fruit for the wellbeing of each business.  Thousands of successful businesspeople can testify to the enrichment of their own skills and the development of a network base through active participation in chamber affairs.

ECCSA encourages the establishment of chambers & sectoral associations at different levels and provides necessary supports after being organized.

The individual businesses being members of the city/wereda chambers of commerce and sectoral association or sectoral associations, the city/wereda chambers/association working with businesses of all sizes, and representing all sectors. Our mission is to make the chamber network system an essential part of growing business; we do this by sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise. 

In general business communities being member of their local chambers & sectoral associations will have the following benefits:

  • to find local and foreign markets for their products and  services
  • capacity building (especially in the area of training, manual preparation, strategic plan document designing, and the like)
  • networking
  • membership and business development consultancy,
  • exchange information and share experience etc.